Changing times
Since the coronavirus has hit the country, this has caused the churches to close for a while. We want to resource you with some useful online stuff to equip you and the whole family to meet with Jesus. This is just the first batch. We will be putting more up as we find them. Equally, if there is a resource you are using that you want to share with the church, please contact me (, if you could do a short review that would be very helpful.
The Prayer Course Toolshed
Earlier this year Graham gave each member of the PCC this book to read and pass on to another member of the Church family – to inspire a new love and culture of prayer  among us. It is available as both an E-book on a kindle or as an audiobook book both from amazon. If you haven’t read it yet why not use some of the isolation time to do so now. It also has some fantastic prayer resources on the ‘toolshed’ weblink above. Once you are on the website you can watch the sessions about prayer as well.
AJ Fewtrell
Read Scripture App – Bible Reading Plan
This App is an excellent reading plan. I find it really helpful and clear with a mixture of video (from the bible project team) and reading plans. It is laid out to be a daily read programme, however, there are no dates so you can go at your own pace.
Personally I have found it brilliant to set up for some quiet time, as well as a way of reading and gaining further understanding of the bible.
AJ Fewtrell
The Bible Project
If you have been to an evening service, you will of seen at least one of the videos that these guys make. Graham tends to show them at the beginning of a preaching series. I have used one at the beginning of a together service recently too.
The videos always give a useful context for the book of the bible. They also have videos and talks on themes like peace or love and give a biblical definition for each of them.
This resource is beneficial when looking at a new book in the bible or just one you haven’t read for a while, or if there is a theme that you’re currently wrestling with, they tend to give you a place to start if not the answer.
AJ Fewtrell
Rend Collective’s Socially Distant Worship ClubSocially Distant Worship Club

If you missed these on our facebook page, or have no idea who rend collective are: – They are a modern praise & worship band founded in Bangor, Northern Ireland, the Rend Collective (formerly known as the Rend Collective Experiment) is exactly what the name says, more a spiritual and creative collective than a band per se, blending praise lyrics with a kind of experimental folk-rock approach.

If you only know them from Marcus and Me bouncing around the stage to My Lighthouse, I’m sorry there are a lot more and more profound songs.

These guys have been doing two live worship sessions a week, which have been engaging and easy to listen to, they have made these sessions in response to the current covid19 pandemic to help focus on Jesus at this time. Well worth a look and suitable for a family worship time.

AJ Fewtrell
Soul Survivor
Website          Youtube
If you’ve been to Soul Survivor you’ll know all about these pages if you haven’t well, check it out – There is lot of worship music and good talk from the festivities on the youtube page and other bits on their website.
Pace – who normally work in both Primary and Secondary School are still doing lessons and assemblies online. These are helpful for all actually, but especially for those who are missing the normally RE lessons in school. Dave, Andy and the team are recording every week and the link takes you to the first two videos and the schedule for when the new ones start.
Please note if you are going to use them with you children, that you select the right stage video. ie Primary for Primary pupils.
Online Alpha Course
If you would like to explore the Christian faith more with others, why not join us on line at 7.00pm on Tuesday 31 March for the first of our Alpha meetings. We will be meeting on Zoom, so you would need to click Zoom .
You would need to have speakers, camera and a microphone connected to your computer (laptops mainly have this already), or join on your phone.
You would also need the following:
Meeting ID: 124 617 115
Password: 558443
For more information please visit the Alpha website. 
Bournemouth Community Action Network
If you live in the Bournemouth and Poole area and would like to join people who are volunteering to help others, please go to They are coordinating relief in this area.
Thank you
Children’s Stuff
Bible Colouring Pages
Something for the Kids and Parents who are looking for bible activities to do with them, this an easy to use website where you can print out bible colouring, and it is sorted by theme.
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Following Jesus Video
I was Saving this for Holiday Club, but as we have had to change our plans; this is a really good video about Jesus life in the build up to Easter.
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Superbook Videos
These videos are great and provide and look into the story of the bible in a way that is good for children.
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Worship Videos
This is the link to the youtube page where the majority of our Messy Church/Family Service worship comes from. If you want to dance around the your living room with the kids at the moment this is the place to get some music.
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