We believe it is important for people to come together, socialise, form friendships and have a sense of belonging to the the church. There is an opportunity for all ages to do this, throughout Messy Church. There is a dedicated space for this to happen with Newspapers and coffee (for those of us still read the paper).
Each month we will have an interactive story told from the stage. This will be both fun and child friendly but will aim to have something for all ages.
There will also be a time of worship and dance. 
Craft plays a big role in messy church for a number of reasons. It adds to the bible story that is being told that night and increases children’s understanding. It also gives an opportunity for families to do a messy activity without the worry of the clean up at home. It is a good learning time for children as well as fun. There will be a wide range of craft that will sometimes be food based, there will always be something to take home and occasionally the chance to contribute to a large piece for the building.
Each Messy church there will the chance to take part in a sport or wide game as a family. This a great way to spend time together and brings both individual and multiple families closer in a common activity
Food – Meal
We recognize that dinner times with a young family can be stressful. We aim to provide the chance for families to eat together, meet others, and enjoy a simple healthy meal, without worry about cooking or washing us.