“Train up a child in the way they should go,
but be sure to go that way yourself” – Charles Spurgeon
This quote still holds so much truth today; it is primarily used in regards to parenting. However, we apply this truth to our children’s work too. We don’t want for the children only to have an understanding of who Jesus is; we want them to have a relationship with him. In light of this, we have experience Christian group leaders running these groups, who seek to live out their faith in a real and relatable way.
We also believe that the children are the Church now, not just the future Church. Therefore, we have a want to have things that involve them now. So each week the children will start and finish with the main meeting and monthly each month they take part in our Together service. We also have a Messy church, which the young people help to lead. We encourage children to bring their friends and to take part in their families.

We would love to welcome your children to our groups, whether you are visiting or looking for a church to call home.